About RBBA

We are a group of professionals from the Indian community who live in the beautiful county of Berkshire and its surroundings. The beginning of 2009 saw us come together enthusiastically and join hands to form the "Royal Berkshire Bengali Association (RBBA)",with an aim to:

• Provide a forum to converge and celebrate our unique cultural, religious, artistic and social heritage
• Promote multiculturalism to enhance our experience through a multitude of activities
• Generate greater awareness about Indian culture within the youth and encourage their involvement

This is a beginning and we are starting to take our first steps. We have been touched and motivated by the enthusiasm and support that we have received from our local community. We strongly believe and sincerely hope that this will turn into a focal point where the community can come together and enjoy the true spirit of our rich culture.

We are looking forward with excitement to work more closely with our local community here and in India. Our goal is to contribute towards the many good causes and challenges that face our society today.

About Durga Puja

Durga Puja / Dussherra captures the true spirit and culture of Bengal. We as devotees, welcome Mother Durga and her children during her visit, amidst joy and a sense of togetherness. This is a time to renew friendship, make new ones and share goodness across the whole of the community.

Light transforms darkness; good conquers evil, envy and hatred. Hope overcomes despair amidst the sound of conch shells and drums (dhak). Delicious food (Prasad), music and dance add to the spirit of goodwill and friendship.