The evening of the 5th of April glittered as promised as our guests rose to the occasion while generously boosting our collection for the chosen charities. We are deeply humbled and very thankful for this show of support and generosity. We were delighted to see our guests having a great time on the dance floor jiving to popular Bollywood numbers . The raffle was a big attraction and the house thoroughly enjoyed the extra helpings of wit and humour served by our esteemed guests ! We loved hosting the show ! We have been receiving very encouraging feedback from our guests that has boosted the team morale even more.

We would like to thank those of our supporters who have generously donated despite not being able to attend in person. Our thanks also goes to these organisations that have supported our cause with their donations , namely, HDFC, Tesco, Wexham Park Golf Club, Lawson flowers , Waitrose, Lush and Godari restaurant ! This humble effort has raised £1573 for the charities and we recorded a footfall of 174 during the course of the evening !

We have always strived to give back in any little way possible to the community that is our backbone and we will always keep the spirit of giving alive and burning bright within our souls ! Thank you for everything.


About Durga Puja

Durga Puja / Dussherra captures the true spirit and culture of Bengal. We as devotees, welcome Mother Durga and her children during her visit, amidst joy and a sense of togetherness. This is a time to renew friendship, make new ones and share goodness across the whole of the community.

Light transforms darkness; good conquers evil, envy and hatred. Hope overcomes despair amidst the sound of conch shells and drums (dhak). Delicious food (Prasad), music and dance add to the spirit of goodwill and friendship.