Help India Heal

The best things in life have always been free, like the air we breathe, but in a cruel reversal of fate Covid-19 is making us pay for it with the lives of our near and dear ones as India stands overwhelmed and in desperate need of aid from anyone who cares.
It is a crisis of proportions unimaginable wreaking havoc across the county and while we can’t fix it, we stand in solidarity pledging the help we can.
Time is of essence and we have already shipped O2 concentrators as well as funding for an ambulance to kick off the relief work at ground level to address immediate needs.
Delivering humanitarian aid and emergency relief to those that need it most at the grassroots is the need of the hour and we have partnered with Srijan Aid to Helpless which is working in rural communities in West Bengal to deliver urgent medical supplies, oxygen, food packets and emergency aid directly to the affected families.
We urge you all to donate generously, every little contribution counts and is immensely valuable.