The pandemic has punched the solar plexus of mankind and we are still reeling from the intensity and power of the punch, learning to accept the destruction it is leaving in its wake and resorting to myriad ways to achieve a semblance of normalcy sporting masks as if we were born with it and washing the skin off our hands because our life now literally depends on it.
How do you then address the mental well being when the physical world is spinning on a different axis? An attempt to delve into our past and bring out powerful yet calming mantras that can realign our subconscious, calm frazzled nerves and promote a sense of grounding and wellness into torn and traumatised minds. Some of you may have tuned in to our live telecast of Durga Pujo and absorbed the Maha Mritunjay Mantra that was uttered as part of the worship on all five days.
We have attempted to present a short clip of this ancient mantra as a coping mechanism when the parched mind casts about for an oasis of calm.
Listen, breathe, pray, repeat and do send us feedback if you think the mantra offered any solace in such challenging times.