We have just bid a fond farewell to Ma Durga and the countdown to our 10th Pujo has already begun. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors and patrons for the tremendous love and support we continue to receive every year with this one being no exception.

We have received excellent feedback regarding this year’s pujo and predictably food is top of the list closely followed by ambience and hospitality. Your feedback is critical to us as your perspective helps us reassess and improve on areas that need to be looked at and a pat on the back is always very encouraging. This year we have also been very fortunate to receive support from a number of young families who have tirelessly worked as volunteers and helped us in all aspects and we would like to send them an extra big thanks and our appreciation for their involvement.

Cultural programmes make the Pujo evenings entertaining and are big crowd pullers and our thanks goes to all our performers, both invited and in-house. We have uploaded a number of photos on out Facebook page and we will update our website www.therbba.org soon.

We are aware that Nabami night was extremely popular with everyone and many of you had to contend with parking problems - we apologise for that. However, as the saying goes, good souls can always squeeze into a tight space and adjust. We all did just that and we are very grateful for your generous donations and offers of help and involvement. We are what we are only with your support and commitment to the cause. We hope that you have all enjoyed celebrating these festive days with us and will continue to show your support in the coming years.

We hope you have loved being part of our pujo but if we have failed in our attempt, then we sincerely apologise for any oversight and hope that these might be overlooked in an event of this scale. In any case, please do write to us regarding your experience at rbba.

We would like to wish you a very Happy Kali Pujo and Diwali in advance.

RBBA Organising Commitee

rbba activities

Another ideology behind the inception of RBBA was also to promote the rich Indian heritage and culture in the UK and create a platform of celebration; where young and old come together and participate in this magnificent celebration of life. In an effort to connect the music loving audiences here to the vast musical talent in India, we have invited prominent Indian artistes of international fame in the past, like ‘Surojit O Bondhura’ , ‘Anupam Roy’ ,‘Chandrabindoo’ and ‘Anjan Dutt’ to perform live on the RBBA stage and enthral us all with their music. Local talent is always encouraged and nurtured; we invite many local vocalists, dancers and groups to come and perform live on stage during our celebration of Durga Puja and various other events organised over the course of the year.

RBBA is a registered charity founded in 2009 and has been committed since inception to the founding principles of helping various charities, both local and overseas. We have raised approximately 14K through various fundraising events and initiatives and have also donated a portion of our yearly income to aid various sections of the community.

Over the years we have been associated with following charitable organisations:

Durga Puja...
Celebrating joy through our festivals is a proven way of staying connected to our roots and we wholeheartedly celebrate each one as it comes along , our flagship event being 'Durga Puja' which is held in complete sync and harmony with authentic Puja Schedule while upholding our founding principles of 'Sarbojonin Durgotsav' for the entire community to participate. The support of patrons and the community has catapulted RBBA to the league of front runners and a 'must see' Durga Puja in UK. If you love Durga Puja and want to enjoy Puja as you remember from your childhood then the RBBA Durga Puja is an absolute must see since our warmth and hospitality replete with the ambience of a stunning marquee creates our 'Desher Pujo Bideshe ' !!